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Superfish Scaping Foam 375ml

Superfish Scaping Foam 375ml

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The Superfish scaping Foam is perfect for creating natural-looking waterfalls, streams, and backgrounds in your aquarium or terrarium. It has high adhesive power and can bond to almost any material, including porous and non-porous substrates such as polyester, natural stone, concrete, wood, metals, and many plastics. It dries dark for a more authentic appearance.

This is a construction material, do not apply under water or introduce into water before it is fully cured!

The scaping foam is safe for plants and animals once it has fully cured after spraying it out. To use, make sure your surface is dry, clean, grease- and dust-free, and pre-moisten it before screwing the straw onto the upright can and shaking it vigorously at least 20 times. Then, hold the can upside down and spray out the foam, filling joints up to 60% or spraying several times for larger joints.

After approximately 15 minutes, the foam will be tack-free, but complete curing can take up to 16 hours depending on the thickness of the foam. The foam can be processed between 5 and 25°C, and slight discolouration is possible.

Please note that our Black PUR foam has a shelf life of 12 months in unopened, upright packaging in a cool, frost-free, dry place between 5-30°C. After opening, it has a limited shelf life. This foam has a high filling capacity, is CFC and HCFC-free (ozone-harmless), temperature resistant from -50 to +90°C, easy to cut, and water-resistant, but not suitable for PE, PP, PTFE, and similar materials. It contains alkanes, C14-17, chloro, 4,4’-methylenediphenyl diisocyanate, isomers, and homologues, so please read the safety instructions before use.

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