Tissue Culture Plants

What are Tissue Culture 1-2-grow plants?

Tropica 1-2-grow and Dennerle Plant It! plants are tissue culture or "in vitro" plants. They offer fantastic value, are pest and algae free and making starting your aquascape a breeze! 


How to plant 1-2-GROW (and Dennerle Plant It) plants:

1-2-GROW! is a brand of aquarium plants developed by Tropica, a well-known aquatic plant nursery. These plants are grown and sold in a unique way, making them easy to plant and establish in your aquarium. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to plant 1-2-GROW! plants:

1. Preparation:
    • Choose the appropriate plants for your aquarium setup. Consider factors like lighting, water parameters, and the plant's growth habits.
    • Make sure your aquarium substrate is ready and clean. You can use fine gravel or specialized aquatic plant substrates.
2. Remove the Plant from the Container:
    • Carefully open the container without damaging the plants or the gel medium.
    • Rinse the gel off the plant under gentle running water. You can use a small container or a bowl with water to do this. Gently swish the plant in the water to remove the gel entirely.
3. Divide (if needed):
    • In most cases, the 1-2-GROW containers have multiple plant portions. If so, you can gently separate them using clean, sharp scissors or tweezers.
4. Planting:
    • Using a pair of aquascaping tweezers, carefully plant the 1-2-GROW plants into the substrate. Make sure to plant them at an appropriate depth, depending on the plant species. Some plants may need to be planted deeper into the substrate, while others should only have their roots buried, and the rest left above the substrate.
    • Space the plants according to their growth requirements and the desired layout. Many carpeting plants will naturally spread and fill the gaps over time.
5. Maintenance:
    • After planting, fill the aquarium with water slowly to avoid displacing the plants. Using a plate or some bubble wrap makes this task easy!
    • Provide appropriate lighting and ensure that the water parameters (temperature, pH, hardness) are suitable for the plants you have chosen.
    • Regularly trim and maintain the plants to promote healthy growth and prevent overcrowding.
6. CO2 and Fertilization (optional):
    • Tissue-cultured plants like 1-2-GROW can benefit from the addition of carbon dioxide (CO2) and liquid fertilizers. CO2 injection can enhance plant growth, and liquid fertilizers provide essential nutrients for healthy development. However, some low-tech setups without CO2 injection can also support these plants, depending on the species. These are often marked as "easy" or "medium" on the packaging.


Remember that proper care and maintenance are essential for the success of any planted aquarium. Regularly monitor water parameters, lighting, and plant growth to ensure a thriving and visually pleasing aquascape.