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Dennerle Plants

Dennerle Plants Substrate

Dennerle Plants Substrate

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Substrate is a classic long-term nutrient bottom layer with a balanced nutrient depot for the growth of healthy and vital plants. Natural clay minerals and peat dust in concentrate form regulate the nutrient balance. Nutrients are released when needed and absorbed when there is an excess supply. The substrate is always used in combination with a top layer of gravel or soil. 

Usage: As a classic nutrient medium, the substrate is filled into the aquarium as the bottom layer. We recommend a layer of Substrate approx. 1 cm thick, covered with 4-5 cm of gravel. A higher layer of substrate can be used in the back of the aquarium. However, this must also be covered with 4-5 cm of gravel. It is important that the substrate is not disturbed when designing and inserting the plants. The gravel layer prevents the nutrients stored in the substrate from being released into the water. 

Tip: If you want to move plants, pull them out of the soil very slowly and not completely. Simply cut off the long roots just above the substrate. This way the substrate will not be stirred up. Finally, carry out a large water change. See the substrate calculator to determine the amount of substrate needed for your aquarium.

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