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Dennerle Plants

Dennerle Plants Soil

Dennerle Plants Soil

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Soil is rich in nutrients and is therefore particularly suitable for planted aquariums. In addition, Soil is an active substrate that lowers the carbonate hardness (KH) and stabilises the pH value. Many aquarium inhabitants and also many aquarium plants prefer soft, slightly acidic water, as in their tropical habitat. Soil is a natural product and consists of 100% valuable clay minerals. For filter bacteria, the porous 2-3mm grains offer an optimal colonisation area to promote biological filtration. Soil substrate is ready out of the bag. A layer of gravel is not necessary.


Usage: Fill Soil substrate directly from the bag into the aquarium. For foreground plants we recommend a minimum height of 4-5cm, which should rise towards the back. Soil that rises towards the back makes the aquarium look larger, because the depth effect is increased. A substrate height of 7-9cm in the background is sufficient for most plants. Depending on the design, the substrate in the background can also be considerably higher. Dennerle Plants Soil can be used as the sole substrate. An additional bottom layer of long-term nutrient soil, such as Dennerle Plants Substrate, is not necessary, but can be used for particularly long-lasting effect.

Tip: If you do not use up the entire bag, seal it airtight so that it does not dry out and can be used for your next project.

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