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Dennerle Plants

Dennerle Plants Power Caps (25 pcs)

Dennerle Plants Power Caps (25 pcs)

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Power Caps are fertiliser capsules for additional nutrient supply in the substrate. Power Caps contain a perfect mixture of the macro elements nitrate (N), phosphate (P) and potassium (K) as well as valuable micronutrients iron (Fe) and trace elements. The capsules are inserted deep into the substrate at the base of the plant to promote root growth, vitality and vigour. Power Caps are ideally suited for strongly rooting species such as Echinodorus, Cryptocorynes and many stem plants. After years, a substrate is often depleted of nutrients. Dennerle Plants Power Caps can replenish or supplement these nutrient gaps.  

Usage: As a supplemental fertilizer or as a first aid for nutrition deficiency symptoms, simply insert 1 capsule per 10x10cm deep into the substrate. Use tweezers to place the Power Caps as accurately as possible into the substrate. The exact timing depends on different factors such as CO2 supply, light intensity and plants. To prevent nutrient deficiencies we recommend to start supplementing the fertilizer already 2-3 months after the new start of the aquarium. The beads contained in the capsules release the nutrients gradually. The shell dissolves over time, but the beads do not. These can simply remain in the substrate and are absolutely harmless to both animals and plants.



Substrate -

Soil substrate

Without CO2

every 12 weeks

every 16 weeks

CO2 + low light

every 8 weeks

every 12 weeks

CO2 + high light

every 4 weeks

every 8 weeks


Tip: Use Power Caps early when setting up your aquarium to enrich the substrate with additional nutrients right from the start and thus achieve particularly lush plant growth. Use 2-3 capsules per 10x10cm area for particularly large solitary plants to provide them with maximum nutrients.

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