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Dennerle Plants

Dennerle Plants CO2 Starter Kit

Dennerle Plants CO2 Starter Kit

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Apart from light, aquatic plants need nutrients, not only nitrogen, potassium, phosphate and trace elements, but also carbon, which is essential for life. This is supplied not only by carbon dioxide in the air, but also by CO2, which is produced and carried in natural waters by microorganisms. In our biotope in the living space, however, there is often a lack of CO2, which can usually be seen in the sparse growth.  

Plants with a good CO2 supply are vital and show a more intensive colours. Increased oxygen production benefits the fish, shrimps and snails - the aquarium ecosystem in the living space looks more attractive and is more stable.

  • For improved growth of easy and medium plants
  • 60 days CO2 for a low cost
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to refill and recycle


Contents: Bio CO2 Bottle, CO2 Powder Mix, CO2 tubing transparent 4/6mm 100cm long, CO2 Diffuser 17mm Membrane 14cm long, 2 Suction Cups, CO2 Activator 5x, Instruction Manual

Quick start:

  1. Mix Bio CO2 powder with 300 ml water and let it rest for 24h.
  2. Add Bio Activator with 200 ml water.
  3. Connect the CO2 diffuser to the hose, ready.

Tip: For best results, follow the detailed instructions for use and refill the CO2 Activator every 14 days or when CO2 production has dropped to 5 bubbles per minute.

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