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Dennerle Plants

Dennerle Phyllanthus fluitans Plant-It

Dennerle Phyllanthus fluitans Plant-It

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Originated from the American tropics, Phyllanthus fluitans is a floating plant part of the Phyllanthaceae family. This plant is also commonly known as Red Root Floater.

It is similar to the Salvinia, differentiated only by the mono leave structure on each node. The water repellent, heart shaped leaves hide the stem which can sometimes give life to white flowers with six petals. The more intense the light, the browner the leaves will become. Sustainably cultivated in the UK.

Please note: This plant is not a very good traveller, leaves can get bruised. It's a regular occurrence to have these shed their roots if they have a rough ride in the post. They do not need those root, just add them to your tank, they will regrow roots quickly. Colouration: under strong light (for example during the growth process) the leaves will turn red/brownish - this is normal. These are only green as young plants or under low light.


Plant info

Type: Floating plant
Origin: South America
Growth rate: Medium
Height: 3 - 5
Light demand: Low
CO2 : Low



All Dennerle Plant-It! In-Vitro plants are cultivated under sterile conditions. This ensures that there are no pest infestations or pathogens present. Additionally, there are no algae, snails, or snail eggs. These are very compact, highly branched plants. The submerged habit eliminates the changeover phase from emersed to submerged in the aquarium. 

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