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Dennerle Plants

Dennerle Blyxa japonica Plant-It

Dennerle Blyxa japonica Plant-It

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Aquarium plant from tissue culture in closed cup.

Blyxa japonica grows exclusively submersed, in shallow ponds, in swamps and slow-flowing woodland rivers rich in iron, in subtropic and tropical regions of East and South-East Asia. Throughout its area of distribution, it can also be found in rice paddies. This Blyxa species has become a very familiar plant in the aquarium hobby due to its attractive, grasslike, bushy habit.

All Dennerle Plant-It! In-Vitro plants are cultivated under sterile conditions. This ensures that there are no pest infestations or pathogens present. Additionally, there are no algae, snails, or snail eggs. These are very compact, highly branched plants. The submerged habit eliminates the changeover phase from emersed to submerged in the aquarium. 

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