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Aquavitro Aquasolum 2kg

Aquavitro Aquasolum 2kg

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Aquasolum is a lightweight, porous substrate derived from humic substances and minerals. Humic substances may increase the uptake of micro nutrients. Aquavitro made by Seachem.

  • Ideal substrate for planted aquariums and shrimp nano-aquariums
  • Humate containing substrate
  • Lowers pH of alkaline water


TIPS: When adding water to aquarium, fill slowly to avoid disturbing aquasolum™ bed. Place a bowl in the aquarium and add water directly to the bowl, allowing water to overflow softly on to the substrate bed. Initial cloudiness is normal. To remove cloudiness, use mechanical filtration (such as filter floss). Use Seachem Clarity to accelerate clearing.


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