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Aquascaping Red Wood Rock 5kg

Aquascaping Red Wood Rock 5kg

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Red Wood Rock features a smooth surface with intricate patterns and grain-like textures, mimicking the natural beauty of aged wood. The warm and earthy tones create a welcoming and cozy ambiance within your aquarium, evoking a sense of serenity and natural charm.

The Red Wood Rock's irregular shapes and sizes make it a versatile choice for designing unique and captivating aquascapes. You can arrange the rocks to create visually appealing arrangements, such as driftwood-like structures, winding riverbeds, or the appearance of fallen logs.

The rich colors and organic textures of Aquascaping Red Wood Rock provide an excellent backdrop for showcasing a variety of aquatic plants, particularly mosses, ferns, and other carpeting plants. These plants can attach and grow on the rock's surface, adding an extra layer of authenticity and life to your aquascape.

  • Roughly washed rock
  • Approx. 5-6 pieces in varying size and weight
  • Pre-packaged in bag

Weight: Approx 5kg

This rock is a natural product and individual pieces vary, this picture is only an example. Weight and sizes are only indicative.

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