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Aquascaping Layered Rock 5kg

Aquascaping Layered Rock 5kg

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The Layered Rock showcases a fascinating interplay of colors, textures, and shapes. With its warm earthy tones, ranging from sandy browns to rustic oranges and subtle greys, the rock introduces a touch of warmth and organic charm to your aquascape.

The key feature of Aquascaping Layered Rock lies in its distinct horizontal stratification, which resembles the geological layers formed over time. This stratified structure adds a captivating sense of age and history to your aquarium, as if you've captured a slice of a natural landscape frozen in time.

Aquascaping Layered Rock is also an excellent choice for showcasing cascading aquatic plants, as the layered edges provide ideal spaces for plants to root and grow, creating an enchanting waterfall effect within your aquarium.


  • Roughly washed rock
  • Approx. 5-6 pieces in varying size and weight
  • Pre-packaged in bag

Weight: Approx 5kg

This rock is a natural product and individual pieces vary, this picture is only an example. Weight and sizes are only indicative.

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