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Aquascaping Cliff Rock 3kg

Aquascaping Cliff Rock 3kg

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The Cliff Rock features intricate textures, crevices, and jagged edges, which add authenticity and realism to your underwater landscape. Its earthy tones, ranging from warm browns and reds to cool grays, evoke a feeling of being immersed in a natural rocky landscape, creating a sense of wonder and exploration for both you and your aquatic inhabitants.

With Aquascaping Cliff Rock, you can design striking vertical features, towering cliffs, and impressive rock formations that elevate the visual appeal of your aquarium. The varying sizes and shapes of the rocks allow for endless creativity, enabling you to craft unique layouts that suit your style and preferences.

This hardscape material offers excellent opportunities for attaching mosses, ferns, and other aquatic plants, breathing life into the rocks and enhancing the overall natural ambiance of your aquascape. The Cliff Rock serves as a perfect canvas for creating lush, cascading plant arrangements, which beautifully contrast against the rugged texture of the rocks.

  • Roughly washed rock
  • Approx. 5-6 pieces in varying size and weight
  • Pre-packaged in bag

Weight: Approx 3kg

This rock is a natural product and individual pieces vary, this picture is only an example. Weight and sizes are only indicative.

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