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Colombo CO2 Reactor Set

Colombo CO2 Reactor Set

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This CO2 Reactor Set not only has an impressive appearance but also functions flawlessly, generating pure CO2 through a chemical process. Once the chemical reaction occurs inside the cylinder, the CO2 gas is released steadily through a pressure regulator. You can precisely control the gas flow using the adjustment knob and built-in bubble counter. At night, you can halt the gas flow using the included solenoid. By connecting the solenoid to a household timer, you can synchronize CO2 production with your lighting schedule, which makes it more efficient.

CO2 refills are available separately. In summary, this set excels in appearance, performance, and the experience of creating CO2 at home.

If you're considering using pressurized CO2 to enhance plant growth in your aquarium, the Colombo CO2 Reactor Kit is a great choice. It not only looks stylish in your cabinet but also offers the convenience of producing your own pure CO2, which is both easy and educational.

The bottle is constructed from durable stainless steel 314 and comes with various components, including a bottle holder, pressure regulator, solenoid valve, bubble counter, non-return valve, outflow, as well as accessories and spare parts.

Set contains:

  • Bottle holder
  • Pressure regulator
  • Solenoid valve
  • Bubble counter
  • Accessories and spare parts

Please note that the two components required to generate carbon dioxide are not included in this set and must be purchased separately. You can find it >> HERE <<

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